Soft Tissue Laser Therapy in Forest Hill, Toronto

An addition to Dr. Deratnay’s office is the use of a soft tissue (diode) laser. This laser allows our Forest Hill dentist to treat many of our patients’ issues without the use of scalpel incisions or anaesthesia. It is safe to use in most applicable dental procedures, but it is best to make yourself aware of the procedure, especially if you have any specific concerns.

The laser produces a light with a certain wavelength which can be used during the treatment of numerous soft tissue ailments. The beam of light can shape and remove soft tissues that cause unwanted oral health or cosmetic effects to your mouth. Some of the procedures where the laser can assist include:

Removing and reshaping of diseased gum tissue

Treating periodontal pockets to reduce bacteria

Preparing for dental crown or bridge impressions

Preparing the gum around implants before they can receive a tooth

Treating overgrown gum tissue which can alter the appearance of your teeth (sometimes called a “gummy smile”)

Reducing the discomfort and longevity of cold sores or canker sores

Revealing impacted wisdom teeth beneath the gum tissue

Removing muscle attachments that may be inhibiting your mouth movement

Soft tissue laser dentistry allows the dentist to perform various treatments with more options than just using traditional methods. In certain situations, soft tissue lasers can reshape the gums, give more freedom to muscle movement, and treat benign oral tumors. This procedure is not designed for everyone, and you should discuss the potential effects with an oral health professional such as your dentist in Forest Hill.

Laser dentistry is safe to use during many different types of procedures, but patients will have to wear special eye glasses to shield their eyes while being treated. If you would like to learn more about laser dentistry or if you have any questions or concerns, contact our practice located in Forest Hill today. You can also request an appointment online.

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